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FTUU: Don’t ask “unnecessary” questions.

The International Labor Organization on May 29 organized a seminar, conducted by ILO expert Svetlana Egorova, on the prevention of forced labor in the Uchkuprik district of the Fergana region. A correspondent of the Eltuz web site spoke to a participant of the seminar, who said that before the seminar, the representative of the regional …

CHRONICLE OF FORCED LABOR 2017, Issue 3, September 2017

The cotton harvest season in Uzbekistan has begun once again, as has the forced mobilization to the cotton fields. The harvesting of cotton began on September 6 in several regions of Uzbekistan. According to preliminary data, the forced mobilization of public sector employees to the cotton fields is taking place now all over the country. …

NEW: Info Brochure on Forced Labor in Uzbek Cotton Sector

UGF has released a new info brochure summarizing the most important facts and numbers about forced labor in the Uzbek cotton sector, presenting findings of our latest monitoring in 2016. Download the PDF here.