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NEW: Info Brochure on Forced Labor in Uzbek Cotton Sector

UGF has released a new info brochure summarizing the most important facts and numbers about forced labor in the Uzbek cotton sector, presenting findings of our latest monitoring in 2016. Download the PDF here.  

EU Statement on Human Rights defenders Elena Urlaeva and Azam Farmonov

The EU has released a brief statement to raise concerns about the detention of the Uzbek human rights defenders Elena Urlaeva and Azam Farmonov. Elena Urlaeva, head of the Human Rights Alliance of Uzbekistan and outspoken critic of forced and child labor in Uzbekistan’s cotton sector, is still being held in a psychiatric hospital against …

Uzbek Activist Urlaeva Held In Psychiatric Clinic

Elena Urlaeva, one of Uzbekistan’s leading human rights activists and head of the Human Rights Alliance of Uzbekistan, has been forcibly detained in a psychiatric hospital again. On March 3, a video was published in which Elena Urlaeva describes how she was abducted by police and hospitalized against her will in psychiatric facility in Tashkent. …

Press Release: Concern Mounts for Long-Imprisoned Journalist Moved into Solitary Confinement

See the PDF version of the joint press release here. (December 16, 2016) Prison authorities in Uzbekistan have placed Muhammad Bekjanov, one of the world’s longest-imprisoned journalists, in solitary confinement, the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia (AHRCA), Freedom House, Human Rights Watch, International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR), the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Reporters …

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