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Forced and Child Labor in Spring Fieldwork Linked to World Bank Project

Teachers, Medical Workers, Welfare Recipients Weeded Cotton Fields under Threat (Berlin, October 10, 2017)— The government of Uzbekistan forced people to work in the cotton fields during the spring fieldwork season under threat, the Uzbek-German Forum states in a report released today. The report also documents forced and child labor in a World Bank project …

World Bank and ILO Whitewash One of the World’s Most Brutal Regimes

The ILO’s fieldwork was undertaken hand-in-glove with Uzbek state minders, undermining its veracity. By Kristian Lasslett July 13, 2017 originally published by The Diplomat In an age where “fake news” and “alternative facts” have become global shorthand, media and research integrity are sorely needed antidotes for citizens bereft of reliable information, especially in regions where …

NEW: Info Brochure on Forced Labor in Uzbek Cotton Sector

UGF has released a new info brochure summarizing the most important facts and numbers about forced labor in the Uzbek cotton sector, presenting findings of our latest monitoring in 2016. Download the PDF here.