School Teacher, Ellikkala district, Karakalpakstan. November 6, 2015

July 27, 2016

“Starting from 3rd – 5th of September school teachers were sent to collect cotton in Ellikkala district, they were dismissed on 31st of October.  The order came from the authorities.  Students were not attracted. There were no teachers who could afford to get out of the cotton collection. […] Teachers were sent to cotton fields everyday. […] Because it is country’s policy, we just follow it.  Education program was not reduced. This has negative effect on education program, students most of the time doing nothing because of lack of teachers.”

“School has computer classes, but it is locked all the time, with no access to internet.”

“Me, or my family have any income from the cotton. I have no idea who is benefitting from cotton. Even with knowing our rights, we cannot complain.  During cotton collection, school doesn’t close. There are more 50 teachers and more than 500 students at school. Out of the teaching population 30% would be sent to collect the cotton every 15 days.”