School director, Fergana region, May 2017

September 15, 2017

“We have been working for three farms (the names of the farms have been withheld). We take care of the cultivation of the fields of these farms and during the wheat harvest we allocate workers to dig up the roots of cotton plants and last year we even bred silk worms. But this year we didn’t. We even do the pruning of the cotton plants and pick cotton. This year we also planted pumpkin and maize seeds around the fields of these farms.

We receive orders at meetings, sometimes from the governor, sometimes from the head of the education department. Based on these orders we send teachers to the fields. Orders are issued verbally. Once the big bosses have given us the order, we cannot say anything against it. If you disobey the order a couple of times, they will find some sort of shortcoming and dismiss you from your job”