Professor of Industrial-Pedagogical College, Turtkul Distict, Karakalpakstan region. November 2, 2015.

July 27, 2016

“My main responsibility on fields was to deliver commodities to students and teachers.  They take signed notes from parents that says: I am not against my child’s participation in college’s work. Professor and a representative of a local committee, pay visits to parents, whose children refuse to go fields, or even sometimes parents get summoned by the representative to the local committee’s office. There the committee introduces them to governmental documents that talks about student’s education and their participation in works and events of the college.

Like the rest of the nation I didn’t even read my contract (it might have something on participation in college related events, but it has nothing on cotton). During the cotton season, the education system does not get cut. Officially, students are studying. No one went to cotton fields even for one day! College has computers, but no access to internet.”