Farmer, Samarkand region, February 2018

February 8, 2018

“I live in the Kaynarbulok district of Samarkand region. My husband bought 17 hectares of land in order to create a farm to grow mulberries. This land had been abandoned and there was no water supply. The local population used it as a rubbish tip. My husband spent a lot of money clearing the land, installed a 300-meter water pipe, and planted 10,000 mulberry trees. We received no subsidies or equipment from the government. And now, a district hokim is demanding that we grow cotton on seven hectares of our land, even though land ownership laws contain no such requirement. It is impossible to grow cotton there but the hokim does not listen to us. We spent all our money on this land. Now my husband wants to lease it. It would mean that all our efforts were in vain. Could you give us some advice please, on how we should proceed?”