Elderly women, talking about her granddaughter, Karakalpakstan. October 2015

July 27, 2016

“-What year is your grandchild?

-She just started college, freshman.

-Freshman and she was sent to collect cotton?

-Yes, they go to collect cotton every morning

-Every day?

-Yes, one week they have classes, the next week the go to cotton fields I hope… […].

-Did you submit a petition saying that you would not send your granddaughter?

-I told her not to go, but she said that they would fail her at college. They told her that.

-What college does she go to?

-Medical-school in Bustan.

-I don’t want them to expel my granddaughter.

-They won’t do that, don’t be scared. Did she start going from the beginning of cotton harvesting season?

-No just recently… A week to harvest the cotton, another week for studying, I hope.

-Girl will cry in the morning again before going to cotton fields…-But you should also complain…

-They said: “If you [referring to students] or your parents complain, we will fail you at school””