The 2013 cotton production cycle is underway and, by all indications, state-sponsored forced labour of children and adults is continuing this year. This Spring, the authorities have already sent children, university students and public-sector employees to weed cotton in multiple regions.    

A short film on forced child labour in Uzbekistan. For subtitles in english, russian, uzbek, polish and italian click on the icons at the bottom right of the screen at the beginning of the film.    

Umida Niyazova comments on the 2012 cotton campaign in Uzbekistan. Though in 2o12 the Uzbek government largely refrained from mobilizing children to pick cotton during the harvest season, it excessively mobilized students aged 16 and above and adults.  This commentary takes a close look at the changes that have been observed during this years cotton …

UGF has just released a new compilation of images including brief background information regarding the use of forced labour in Uzbekistan’s cotton industry

[youtube dFM11a4oP4I]   Speaking Cotton shows the reality behind Uzbekistan’s cotton industry and the ongoing abuse of children during harvest season.[youtube CZ0yZtPemJM&feature=g-logo-xit]

Mein Kleid, dein Leid – wer zahlt den Preis für billige Mode?

Forced Child Labor on the Cotton Fields in Uzbekistan – 2009 [youtube R6XHh351Yuo&feature=related]

[youtube cPpjQ7UX5kw&feature=BFa&list=ULR6XHh351Yuo&lf=mfu_in_order]